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At the same time, the North is the primary consumer. The most impoverished farmers and traffickers in Latino America end being criminalised in sharp contrast with the wealthy middle-class consumers who are not.

Thames River Water High in Cocaine Please Drink Responsibly Peformance by Lorenzo Belenguer

Courtesy Henley Festival.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

Paula Rego The Dance 1988. Tate © Paula Rego

Nature Reconstructed. Nature Deconstructed by Lorenzo Belenguer, oil on cotton paper, 30x21cm, £ 450 each or £1,200 set of three. The triptych of drawings representing a new sunrise as a rediscovered appreciation of nature and its importance for humans to survive in an unbalanced ecosystem that needs to be addressed. Minimalist depictions of a resilient plant like geranium and a naked human body in the hope of a more spiritual and respectful nature existence.

Are we moving towards the last sunset or a new sunrise?

Festival, 2006, material screen print on paper, Banksy. Courtesy of the artist.

Lorenzo Belenguer

Artist #Minimalism / Editor Escapadas. Mag / Student MA #Philosophy & #AI 20/21 / #ArtBook More In Than Out THE LOCKDOWN by B&N http://bit.ly/PerformanceArtBook

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